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NBA 2K15 (Kodi 930481)     

Publikuesi: 2K Sports

Zhvilluesi: 2K Games, 2K Sports

Zhanret: Sport

Data e Publikimit: 07/10/2014

Numri i Lojtareve: 7

Pershkrimi i Lojes

The NBA 2K franchise has long been the go-to video-game basketball-simulation experience, and NBA 2K15 continues this trend. Instead of a reinvention of the franchise, NBA 2K15 is all about finesse, polish, and taking the already amazing series to even greater heights. The controls are perfect, the animations are amazing, and the overall feeling is as absolutely true-to-life as possible with a console game. The soundtrack is curated by Pharrell Williams, and the cover features NBA MVP Kevin Durant. NBA 2K15 promises to take full advantage of your game system with its extraordinarily lifelike graphics, ultrarealistic NBA gameplay, and other great features.