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LEGO: The Hobbit (Kodi 930455)     

Publikuesi: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Zhvilluesi: Traveller's Tales

Zhanret: Aksion, Aventure

Data e Publikimit: 07/04/2014

Numri i Lojtareve: 2

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Travel from Bag End to the Misty Mountains, brick by brick, as you journey on a new LEGO adventure! Play as Bilbo, Gandalf, or any of the Dwarves and relive your favorite moments from the first two films of The Hobbit trilogy. Help Thorin Oakenshield reclaim the lost Kingdom of Erebor. Get rich by mining for gems, searching for treasure, or looting all the enemies that you encounter and defeat as you make your way through Middie-earth. Use Mithril to create new items in the Blacksmith Shop that will help you defeat Trolls, Orcs, and all the other dangerous beasts you'll encounter. With the One Ring under your control, the fate of Middle-earth is in your hands!